Imperva WAF Training

Imperva SecureSphere WAF Training

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn and practice how to deploy, tune, and operate Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your web applications from web-based attacks.

The course includes lecture, hands-on labs, and discussion about different Imperva SecureSphere components

What You Will Learn

  • Web application concepts
  • Web application vulnerabilities
  • Foundational concepts and the numerous uses and types of WAF policies.
  • How to identify traffic originating from bots and known malicious sources to stop automated attacks
  • How to prevent Web fraud with ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention
  • How to Virtually Patch vulnerabilities by integrating with Web application vulnerability scanners, reducing the window of exposure and impact of emergency fixes
  • How to to use tools such as the Monitor Dashboard, Alerts, Violations, and System Event Log.
  • How to create custom reports in order to meet compliance requirements.
  • How to configure administrative functions including: administrator auth and access, backups, and schedule automation.
  • How to configure  Web Dynamic Profiling Dynamic Profiling
  • Advanced Web Policies. In this lesson we take a much deeper look into the advanced policy options which make a Web Application Firewall a critical component to your data security efforts. Students will practice hands-on attacks in lab.
  • ThreatRadar The ThreatRadar service lesson introduces students to the concept of Industrialized Hacking and how Imperva has teamed with security industry partners to protect your web applications from automated but stealthy attacks.
  • External Integration with WAF. This advanced lesson dives into how to enrich alert content and also integrate with vulnerability scanners.
  • Policy Tuning. This lesson covers effective techniques to accomplish policy tuning (adjustment) to ensure optimal performance and security protection.

Who Should Attend

  • System administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Application developers
  • SOC Engineers
  • Individuals responsible for the protection of web applications protected  by Imperva SecureSphere devices


  • Imperva SecureSphere Platform Foundations course

Booking This Course

Please contact us. We can provide the bespoke training course curriculum and flexible delivery based upon your requirements